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Members of Whistler Water's leadership team consider the future of our planet and the generations that will inhabit it in every decision we make. Our team does our best to reduce waste in our facilities and are currently looking at environmentally responsible packaging options.




71.2% of the plastic bottles sold in BC are returned for recycling. The bottles are power-washed, shredded, and power-washed again. The shredded plastic is then sold to companies who pull, stretch, and meld it into fibre for new bottles. This process provides an 86% energy savings over manufacturing new plastic. 



The FSC is a global not-for-profit organization that sets the standards for what is a responsibly managed forest, both environmentally and socially.

When timber leaves an FSC-certified forest, they ensure companies along the supply chain meet their best practice standards. When a product bears the FSC logo like our boxes do, you can be sure it’s been made from responsible sources. In this way, FSC certification helps forests remain thriving environments for generations to come, by helping you make ethical and responsible choices for your grocery cart.

The FSC doesn’t set these standards alone. They consult with their global network of environmental, social, and economic members to ensure that forest standards represent everyone’s needs, from Indigenous Peoples to endangered animal species.

Whistler Water is proud to work with our FSC-certified box supplier, Crown Packaging. Crown has been FSC-certified since 2010 and is located right here in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, so we're able to work closely with their team to ensure our product is of the highest quality.

FSC certification tracks products from the forest to the shelf. All FSC products are verified by third-party Certification Bodies to meet FSC's rigorous requirements through the FSC Forest Management (FM) and Chain of Custody (CoC) certification systems.

The FSC MIX Products logo you see on our boxes mean they are made from FSC-certified virgin fibre and/or recycled fibre mixed with controlled fibre.


Every bottle you return for a refund or recycle is one less container in BC’s landfills and one more container that can be recycled into new materials. When you return or recycle your bottles, you’re keeping our province beautiful, and our environment healthy. And you’re saving energy and raw materials, too.
Watch the video below to see what happens to your bottle after you return or recycle it.