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World Water Day

For us, every day is world water day, but today is actually World Water Day. Today should be a day to celebrate water. To reflect on how easy some of us have it, and how precious it truly is. What if finding access to clean water was your greatest challenge? What if when you could finally have that sip you worked for it made you sick, or in some cases die as a result of simply drinking water? That is an every day reality for many children in developing countries, and that’s why they need your help!

How can we all help?

Come out on June 22nd, 2013 and join us for a group hike up the Grouse Grind. How can a hike among peers provide drinking water for these people in need? With Whistler Water’s One Climb, a one day event to raise money to provide drinking water to over 10,000 people in a developing nation. True, the Grouse Grind may not be an easy “hike”, but it’s far less challenging than what those without access to clean water have to do every day just to survive.

You can read a letter from our president, Stuart McLaughlin, and his Me to We Bogani trip to the Maasi Mara region of Kenya to gain insight into the daily lives of Kenyans. It was this trip that Stuart found inspiration to create One Climb, a chance for all of us to give back and offer new hope.

So let’s get started today…

You can either sign up for One Climb and join us for a hike in an effort to raise money for clean water or simply donate if you can’t make it or don’t live nearby. Who knows, maybe you can take your own hike in solidarity that day!

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