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Whistler Water Presents: Adopt An Athlete

If you want to see Canadian athletes on the podium, put them there yourself!

Through our Adopt an Athlete program in partnership with Grouse Mountain, you can offer three Team Canada Olympic hopefuls the support they need to train, attend qualifying competitions, maintain their equipment, and travel in the name of sport.

Athleticism at a world-class level is not any easy undertaking. For so many talented Canadian athletes the cost of qualifying alone is too far out of reach for them to do their country proud on the podium. Add to that the expense of high performance gear, airfare, access to suitable training facilities, and just like that a dream can disappear.

Which is why Whistler Water has brought on board three “adopted” athletes who are literally on the brink of international glory. We believe that the only thing our Olympians should have to worry about is their commitment to giving it their best. If we can help in any way to alleviate the other practical considerations, then we feel that as an iconic Canadian brand, it is our duty to do what we can.

Watch for 500 ml Whistler Water bottles with the Adopt-an-Athlete neck-tags, driving awareness of our company’s commitment to Canadian talent.

Visit for full details on this exciting campaign as well as athlete blogs, sponsor information, and updates on the campaign’s progress.