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Whistler Water hydrates the Vancouver International Wine Festival

It was another successful year for Whistler Water at the Vancouver International Wine Festival this past weekend! Australia was the featured country and they did an amazing job decorating with beautifully exposed wood displays throughout the room.

Majella Sparkling Shiraz from Coonawarra was definitely a show favourite as not often do you see a bubbly red wine. Their unforgettable rep, Brian “The Prof” Lynn was also a returning favourite of the show with his bright Aussie smile and big Aussie attitude.

Whistler Water was again the exclusive water supplier for the many events throughout the festival and our events team was at the gala handing out bottles to attendees from our beautiful, British Columbia glacier-themed booth.

“Pure spring water is a necessity at tasting events” says one wine expert. “Regular tap water is chlorinated and can alter the wine tasting experience.” A happy wine taster also added that “sipping spring water between wines helps to freshen the palette and avoids those wine-stained smiles.” We were happy to assist (though we do love your purple teeth!).

It was a very successful year for the festival and Australia did a great job showcasing the huge variety of wines they produce. Drum-roll please…Italy was announced as the feature country for 2016! We can’t wait to see what they bring to the show!!