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Whistler Cornucopia

Whistler Water returned to our roots last week as we celebrated Whistler Cornucopia, which is basically a fancy way of saying “the abundance and nourishment of all goods”.

So, as you’d expect, the festival was everything your taste buds were made for: the best of food, wine and spirits enjoyed during a series of amazing events taking place from November 6th through November 16th.

Some of our favourite and most memorable events included the Cellar Door offering in an intimate setting which featured wines worth more than $35 a bottle and the Crush Gala Grand tasting, which was as spectacular as advertised and included more than 100 vendors sampling the best of international wines, local crafted spirits and incredibly delectable food.

As per tradition, Whistler Water was present that night to help attendees stay hydrated while also cleaning their palate between a chardonnay and a pinot noir…and boy, did they ever need it!

And we didn’t stop there. Our memorable and inviting Whistler Water booth welcomed Cornucopia attendees to take photos in our beautiful Glacier Lounge. Our guests had an opportunity to chill out (get it?) in the cozy confines of our lounge which was complemented by snow covered trees, warm blankets and pillows. Participants even had a chance to tag their photos on social networks to @whistlerwater to be entered to win a $50 gift card at Icebreaker.

Cornucopia is one of Whistler Water’s team favorite events to attend, not only because it takes place in our hometown, but because it celebrates the best of what the earth has to offer.