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Walk the line!

 So, I signed up for another round of Pilates. I didn’t really hesitate this time. Before registering for the first time, I pondered and weighted my options. Flow yoga or volleyball? Or maybe  just cardio pump? I think I got scared that the latest would actually lead to an early heart attack and bad PR for the city of Vancouver. So I chose Pilates.

I signed again for a few reasons and one of them was because I truly enjoy chatting and meeting up with the people in my class. Not sure if I mentioned it before, but it’s the five of us plus  the teacher. And it’s a group that I actually love! I made friends with Milena who is from the Czech Republic so we chat about Europe and how much we miss real bread. Then there is  Tom who is an adorable man from Pennsylvania who now lives in Australia but is in Vancouver to study at Emily Carr for six months.

I love meeting new people and talking to strangers. I think that there is so much to learn from other people. Everybody has something to teach you or share with you that I think can make  us better people. And this time, these strangers are part of my Tuesday /Thursday routine and we are sharing abdominal cramps along with excruciating leg exercises!

On another note, I’ve been loving the weather in Vancouver recently. Not the best for our lovely local hills but the sun has definitely has put a smile on my face.  The other one that has  taken full advantage of this ‘heatwave’ is my dog, Billie Goat.

She is a super cute cheewinie rescue from California – she hates the rain. I sometimes feel bad that I took her away from her native sun-filled state to come up to the rainy part of the west  coast. But when I see how happy she is running around on the beach, the guilt goes away fast!

Anyway, we’ve been going on long walks on the seawall and even though I’m a busy mum during the week, I promised myself that we would go on a two-hour walk every weekend. It’s  been the best so far:  the seawall, different Vancouver beaches and even our favorite, Whytecliff Park!

Walking is a different kind of exercise, low impact but with great benefits.  Walk BC even says: “walking is a simple way to improve overall well-being and reduce the chances of developing the health concerns associated with inactivity.” You can listen to your favorite podcast, look at the scenery and bump into friends!

So we’re walking!