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Voices in the Park — Awestruck!

Sarah McLachlan is of course famous for her amazing musical talent, but she’s also a force when it comes to bringing people together. Lilith Fair will long stand as an example of McLachlan’s prowess as Lilith Fair shone a light on female musical artists. This past Saturday, Whistler Water was at Voices in the Park where Sarah McLachlan focused the spotlight squarely on music education and The Sarah McLachlan School of Music. The School provides free after-school music education for underserved and at-risk children. A worthy cause? Absolutely. As much as we liked supporting this great initiative, honestly we just adored the whole atmosphere – the fun!

First off, a big thank you to Mother Nature – clearly also onboard with the project as the weather was glorious. The temperatures were perfect to get the Whistler Water misting team out and about providing a little relief in the glorious sunshine on Saturday. Overall refreshment abounded as we heard from the songstress herself and bands like Hey Ocean!, Stevie Nicks, Bryan Adams, Hedley, Jann Arden and the Boom Booms.

The highlight of the whole affair? Bill Clinton. What a presence. But next time, we hope he’ll break out his saxophone and join in with a musical performance of his own!