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Running Scared

Returning once again as the official water supplier of Vancouver’s SeaWheeze Half Marathon, members of the Whistler Water team are training for this year’s big event.  Below is Jodi’s journey:  A couple of years ago I had my sights set on a half-Ironman. I had done Olympic distance triathlon and I was confident in my ability…

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Should Sugar Be Controlled Like Alcohol?

Our offices here at Whistler Water were abuzz the other week when an article published in the Nature Research Journal contained a report that claims sugar should be controlled in the same way that alcohol is for consumers. We debated this one for quite some time and thought it would be an interesting article to…

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Stay Hydrated, Happy and Healthy

With the winter chill in the air, those who enjoy outdoor recreation generally aren’t as worried about losing fluids as they are in the warmer months. Dehydration is the number one performance inhibitor among athletes even when the temperatures plummet. So, if you are heading outside for your first workout of 2012 take quick read…

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