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Running Scared

Returning once again as the official water supplier of Vancouver’s SeaWheeze Half Marathon, members of the Whistler Water team are training for this year’s big event.  Below is Jodi’s journey:  A couple of years ago I had my sights set on a half-Ironman. I had done Olympic distance triathlon and I was confident in my ability…

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Chelsea’s SeaWheeze Preparation

If you hail from the Pacific Northwest and don’t hold a particular allegiance to one single athletic activity, you’re surely aware of how easy it is to be pulled from one active pursuit to the next. Such is the case with Chelsea, our warm-hearted and enthusiastic marketing coordinator here at Whistler Water. “Being a Vancouverite,…

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Katie’s SeaWheeze Preparation

Katie Paterson is our smiling HR administrator, a single mother, and an all around great gal. Upon having her son four years ago, Katie found herself committing more time to parenting and nurturing her career than striving towards any personal fitness goals. Being determined to feel her best, she attempted various athletic activities and diets…

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