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Stay Well this Winter

Heading into winter we must all be reminded of the importance of hydration in the cold season. Intuitively, it seems we reach for a bottle of water in the hot summer months when the need to stay refreshed is apparent. But now is an equally important time to augment our conversations on the merits of drinking quality water, like Whistler Water.

This is a season of the common cold, influenza and other widely experienced bugs and illnesses. Water is a proven defense as our immune systems need frequent, adequate hydration to battle sickness.

Moreover, hydration can dramatically improve energy levels, which can suffer at the hands of late sunrises and early sunsets. Moods are also frequently affected by winter darkness and water can have a significant impact on keeping us all feeling positive and happy.

Staying hydrated, we are less likely to fall prey to headaches, strains and muscle injury, and we can even help curtail the advent of seasonal weight gain, which is a common outcome of winter as the prospect of exercise in the cold, wet outdoors does not entice us.

Armed with these insights we would like to encourage all of you to enjoy Whistler Water with friends and family this winter, and proudly extol the virtues of staying hydrated. Ours is a community-minded company, one that is born and bred in British Columbia. Accordingly, we always seek to engage with our community and remind them of our role as a local advocate of health, wellness, and quality of life.