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SeaWheeze: Water, Waffles and Another Successful Half-Marathon

Featured Guest Blogger post by Femina Fidai Matich

Wow, what an opportunity to be able to run the Lululemmon SeaWheeze Half-Marathon thanks to Whistler Water. I must say, this race has to be the most well organized, fun and non-competitive half marathon race I have ever participated in. Right from the start, the race package pick up was well organized. We had to pick up our race package the day before the race from the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre. My timing was not the greatest — the line up to pick up the race package was very long, but, I was impressed at how fast it was moving, how the staff would give us an update, we were provided with water, popsicles, etc. all while waiting!

The package pick up was easy. The staff were friendly and very helpful. Lots of things were happening once you got outside. It was a beach party theme and it was great to hang out and enjoy the day. The venue was fantastic. So much was available for us to do. From getting your hair and nails done to enjoying all the entertainment around us.

The race was fantastic. I was so impressed with all the water and aid stations available. Pretty much every three kilometers, Whistler Water was made available to us.

What I really liked about the race was the fun aspect of it. There was so much entertainment throughout the race from drummers, dancers, jugglers, etc. We were provided with a wrist band as opposed to bibs. Somehow wearing a wrist band to me made the race a lot more non-competitive and made it a fun event!

We were also very fortunate to have such awesome weather on race day, not too hot but the perfect temperature. I loved the 7am start, it gave us the opportunity to enjoy the rest of the day.

Post race day brunch was outstanding. It was catered by Bearfoot Bistro and featured waffles, blueberry compote, muffins, quiche and fruit. Absolutely delicious!

The race itself was scenic, I was so proud to call Vancouver my home. The route was fabulous. Right from the start line at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre, I saw a cruiseship entering our port. Running through the streets, we had amazing support from people cheering us on to all the street entertainment.

It was so great to see Whistler Water giving out a bottle of water to each participant crossing the finish line. None of us had to search around to find a water station.

I appreciate the opportunity to run the SeaWheeze half marathon race this year and I can’t wait to sign up for this race again next year!

Photos by George Tsai, view the full gallery of his SeaWheeze images here.