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Wow what a day! SeaWheeze 2012, Lululemon’s inaugural Half-Marathon, was fun, inspiring, energizing and a down-right amazing experience. Mother Nature couldn’t have been kinder with a cool start to the day and a cloud-less blue sky.

Our Whistler Water team was on-site for all the festivities, starting with race package pick-up — providing the opportunity for Seawheezers to take on an alter-ego.

We felt so privileged to be there — spurring the runners on with hydration, and misting them at the finish line. Our whole team thought, “Yup, this is why we love what we do”. 

Our event team saw some amazing things at SeaWheeze 2012….a wedding proposal at the finish line, friends crossing the finish line hand-in-hand, families awaiting loved ones with hugs and cheers. These are the snapshots within lifetimes of wonder and pride.

For those who are regular run competitors, the event proved to be fabulously organized. For those newer to the running race scene, SeaWheeze will forever stand as an example of how a personal challenge can be made so much fun! For almost everyone involved, the “moment” at SeaWheeze wasn’t the run at all – it was sunset yoga on Kitsilano beach for 1,000.

Congratulations to all those involved with SeaWheeze. Stay hydrated, and as the race medals proclaimed, Sweat Once a Day.