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Rogers Arena celebrates 25 Million!

As every seasoned Vancouverite knows, Rogers Arena is an iconic local landmark known for being home to the city’s beloved Canucks hockey team and for hosting countless events and concerts since its opening in 1995…including a game you may remember: the Olympic gold medal hockey victory in 2010.

So, as the arena celebrated its 25 millionth visitor on October 10th when the Canucks welcomed the San Jose Sharks to town, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to be involved in another piece of the arena’s storied history.

Last night, Whistler Water was there to welcome fans as they came through the doors and we handed out hundreds of complimentary bottles to keep them hydrated throughout the game. Word is that even Fin, the Canucks’ official mascot, was spotted downing a bottle or two as he made his rounds throughout Rogers Arena!

From the moment the puck dropped, there was an energy in the stands that truly resonated with the thousands of screaming fans in attendance. Without a doubt, there is no place quite like Rogers Arena and Whistler Water was proud to be part of yet another milestone in this great building.

Congratulations, Rogers Arena!