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Locals Unite at Chef Meets Grape

Whistler Water, over 90 BC Wineries and Sixteen local restaurants wowed the crowds at Chef Meets Grape. Event goers enjoyed paired dishes with BC wines, learning how their dining experience can be enhanced with good food and the right wine. Not only did the Chefs create sumptuous dishes for the guests, they also competed onsite for the Best Pairing Plate and Best Overall Dish awards.

And Whistler Water was there keeping the crowds entertained with our “what kind of drinker are you?” campaign. We asked consumers to choose their drinking style from a selection that were printed on fun oversize signs and then instagram or tweet a photo of themselves in front of our booth with their chosen sign. The winner Natalie, was stoked to receive an awesome Herschel backpack for the best photo!

We’re already looking forward to Chef meets BC Grape 2014!