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Katie’s SeaWheeze Update!

We caught up with Katie last week to get an update on her SeaWheeze training, check out what she had to say!

Running, running, running…

As I sit here and try to write something about my training so far my shoulder is seizing up and shooting pain is running down the right side of my back. I have come to realize that not only is running 22 km difficult in terms of endurance, but pounding the pavement for such long periods of time also does a number on your body! So far I am up to 14/15km runs, which take me about an hour and a half to complete.

I think it’s important to try to emulate race-day conditions, so I have been running the seawall and different paved surfaces. In doing this I’ve learned two things: It hurts and it’s HOT! As I usually run on dirt trails, hidden in the trees and protected from the blazing sun, these new conditions are something my body is slowly getting used to. I’m thinking hot yoga might be a good idea to acclimatize, and stretch out my sore muscles. While running I have also been trying to improve my form (I think my hunched shoulders might be the cause of my shooting pain today). Chest up, shoulders down!

On the positive side, the running has been getting easier. Even in my pre-baby days, 15kms was daunting. The Seawheeze app has been providing an amazing running playlist to pass the time, and as anyone from Vancouver knows, the seawall offers some entertaining people watching. I also did an out and back in the lower Seymour conservation reserve. As you can imagine, it was very scenic and peaceful with just enough people around to calm any nerves about the foreboding signs warning of bears and cougars in the area.

Another great win on my part has been my discovery of breakfast! Specifically this stuff called Holy Crap that makes me feel like a squirrel as it is solely made up of chia seeds, buckwheat, hemp seeds, and dried fruit. In eating a nutritious breakfast, I seem to have way more energy during the day, which carries in to the evening when I have to run.

Next up… 18kms, some hot yoga, maybe another massage on my back, and lots of water!