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Katie’s SeaWheeze Experience

Katie ramped up her training routine leading up to SeaWheeze 2014, regularly including 18KM runs, attending hot yoga classes, and increasing her nutrition knowledge. With that being said, little could have prepared her for event day.

The whole weekend was a little crazy! I don’t think I have ever been downtown that many times in a 24 hour period. My son and I went on an adventure down to the convention centre on the Sea Bus after work. The round trip took us four hours, but it was fun none-the-less. I went to the SeaWheeze package pick-up and received my much coveted shorts, but it wasn’t until 9:30pm that I arrived home.

Feeling the pinch of time, Katie ate a less than ideal pre-race dinner of fast food, and with the standard pre-race jitters in full swing, experienced a less than adequate night’s rest. She was back in downtown Vancouver for 6AM, stretching in the morning sun, and anxiously waiting in the long lines that had assembled in front of the washrooms.

It was so great to find my Whistler Water team mate Chelsea Carswell in the crowd, looking good in our matching racing tops. By 7:40am we were off. I made it my mission to pass as many pace beavers as I could, and I was pleasantly surprised to find myself at the 10km mark in only an hour.  Inspired by my progress that far, I pushed on, passing the Whistler Water aid stations for fear that if I slowed or stopped I would never get going again.

With the sun shinning and the crowds cheering, Katie pushed through at a personal best pace, but at the 17KM mark, she began to feel the stresses and rigours of slapping pavement.

Rounding the corner under the Lions Gate bridge, the sun was getting hot and line of joggers ahead was daunting. I slowed down and took some water at the next station. I seriously thought my legs might give out as I crossed the foot bridge over the road in to Stanley Park. But, I made it! And there at the finish line we all of my Whistler Water colleagues. It was so nice to get a mist spray and a cold Whistler Water.

Having paid a babysitter, Katie was still in race-mode as she crossed the finish line. Shaking off her desire for fresh fruit and waffles at the finish line, she rushed home to retrieve her son. Once home, Katie spent the day on the dock, letting her SeaWheeze half-marathon experience resonate before heading back downtown for the SeaWheeze sunset festival for some yoga, rest, and live music.

Here at Whistler Water, we couldn’t be more proud of Katie and the rest of our employees that participated in the SeaWheeze half marathon!