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Jodi’s SeaWheeze Experience

Whistler Water returned once again as the official water supplier of Vancouver’s SeaWheeze Half Marathon, and members of the Whistler Water team  participated  in this year’s big event.  Below is Jodi’s experience:

Well, that felt a bit triumphant! #seawheeze 2015 was a great race and I can truly say I enjoyed myself. Who would have thought that 21kms could be that much fun?

The weather was perfect at overcast and 18ish degrees (about 65 Fahrenheit my US friends). The day of the race I followed my plan. Through my training long runs I had refined what I would wear to avoid chafe (tights, my favourite jog bra, and a tank top). I ate my pre-tested breakfast of a ½ bagel with peanut butter 1.5 hours before the race and then a banana a half hour before the race. I started the run with my jacket on, and then tied it around my waist as I warmed into the run. I wore a ball cap as there was a potential of rain, and I didn’t want rain clouding my vision! Probably most important was my trusty Timex Ironman watch so that I could track both my overall time, and my by-kilometre pace.

I set a goal of sticking to 6minutes/km. My longest pre-race run was 17km. As the distance ticked by, I was a bit astounded at exactly how consistent my pace was.  I was right on my desired pace. At water stations where I was taking water (thanks Whistler Water!), I did walk so I could actually drink. At 12km, I did a gel to ensure I had good energy for the back-half of the run. When I hit 17km, and was feeling GREAT, I knew it was in the bag. I think I smiled the whole last 4km!

Would I do it again? In a heart beat! Not only was the event itself truly excellent with fabulous process, pace beavers, cheer teams and a tremendous finishing “tunnel”, the whole process of having a training regime and a goal really kept me on track through the spring and summer. When we went on vacation I got up early and got my run in, leaving the rest of the day to enjoy family festivities. Very doable.

So…if you’re pondering it…do it! You’ll meet super fun people and add and accomplishment of which you can truly be proud. Next year, I’m aiming to go under 2 hours, bettering my time by 6 minutes.