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Japan Needs Support – You Can Help Too

The devastating earthquake and tsunami Japan experienced on March 11, 2011 has the country reaching out for assistance. While recovery efforts are expected to last for a considerable time, urgency is required to help the people of Japan meet basic needs – food, water, shelter.

From our key partner in Tokyo we have learned that the biggest challenges right now are the logistics of getting key products to affected areas of Japan. Accordingly, it is imperative that we all do what we can to support existing humanitarian groups who understand the situation and logistics within Japan.

To that end, Whistler Water has forged a relationship with the Red Cross Society, whose tireless efforts in the Japan relief campaign are having a considerable impact on the improvement of the Japan crisis. Here in Vancouver, we can all lend our support by contributing to established organizations like the Red Cross Society.

Every little bit counts. Click here to donate directly to Red Cross Japan Relief

Meanwhile, at home, 10 cents from the sale of every bottle of Whistler Water sold at YVR is going to the Red Cross Society’s relief efforts. Whistler Water has been calling upon its partners to expedite orders into Japan. While the on-the-ground situation in Japan remains very difficult, Whistler Water is doing all it can to help meet the needs of the Japanese people. In this way we hope to support Japan in this difficult time.

Please consider giving if you are able.

Below is a clip from Global TV detailing further the crisis in Japan