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Dan’s SeaWheeze Recap

Dan’s SeaWheeze half-marathon began with a small miracle as prior to the run, his son, Joshua, slept through the night for the very first time. From 7:30PM to 5AM Dan collected steady z’s. Though Dan is a naturally gifted athlete, he found himself increasingly crunched for training time leading up to SeaWheeze. So, it should come as no surprise that after a week at work, he wasn’t especially enthusiastic leading up to the race.

“To be honest the night before the race I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to do less. Just shows that you need to commit to these things. As it turned out, Seawheeze was an incredible experience!”

Dan was the first member of the Whistler Water team to come through the finish chute, and though it may have seemed like he zipped through the entire thing, he was able to break the course down into three distinct stretches.

“The whole race was so well organized and the course was really beautiful. The first leg was oddly quiet and relaxing. The bright sun, combined with a lack of sleep, the early start, and a silent and car-free Vancouver felt so surreal! At about the 9KM mark, I began to get my legs back under me and felt strong so I began to pick up the pace. But 5KM later, I really started to struggle. My mind was still in it, but my legs weren’t! Other racers and cheer stations got me through it, and of course it was amazing crossing the finish line and seeing Whistler Water and all of the familiar faces at the finish line.”