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Dan’s SeaWheeze Preperation

Dan is an education coordinator here at Whistler Water and an all around great guy to boot. Though his friends act as though they’ve known him for a lifetime, Dan emigrated from the UK to Canada just three short years ago. His curiosity and lust to absorb his new surroundings led him to take up running as a means of seeing all that Vancouver and British Columbia had to offer. From that point forward, there has been no turning back!

“Having never been to Canada before it was a big move. Vancouver was everything I dreamed of, nothing beats living by the mountains yet being so close to the ocean. Wanting to explore it all it I started running, since then I have never looked back.”

While a change of scenery and country are nothing to brush off, Dan recently welcomed an even greater change into his life with the proud birth of his daughter this past February. With the added time constraint of having a child, Dan had to find a way to remain committed and motivated in his running regimen.

The idea was hatched to sign up for a race or two… then I’ll be forced to find time to train! So, I signed up for SeaWheeze. I am not quite sure how I will juggle baby and training, but there is a will so hopefully there is a way! Perhaps training as part of my commute to work? Running during my lunch break? I’ll have to squeeze every ounce of training in to my ‘spare time’.

Keep following along to see how Dan and the rest of the team is progressing in their  training for Lululemon’s SeaWheeze 2014.