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Chris’ SeaWheeze Experience

Whistler Water returned once again as the official water supplier of Vancouver’s SeaWheeze Half Marathon, and members of the Whistler Water team  participated  in this year’s big event.  Below is a bit about Chris’ experience:

I am frantic as I briskly walk towards Canada Place.  The road closures created major delays in our arrival time.  As I get closer, I see numerous people stretching and getting ready. I remember that this is a lululemon marathon, full of laid back yoga enthusiasts and my anxiety eases. We now realize that we just need to run the race.

Kristen and I missed the chance to hop in our pace corral but we make a game of dodging the crowds as we run.  Eventually once we passed enough people, the crowd started to thin out, and we began running alongside others who were more our pace.

I felt good during the course of the race. I knew that if I went without the Whistler Water and Vega gels, my last half of the race would have been exceptionally slower than my first.

Due to our tardiness and not starting the run with our projected pace group. we actually ran much faster than what we anticipated and passed the 2:30:00 Pace Beaver at the half way point.  I didn’t realize how much time I had gained on them.  I started to worry that I was not setting an appropriate pace and could crash at any minute.

In the last 2km a guy in a leopard onesie came bolting by me and was setting an incredible pace.  I thought to myself ‘what do I have to lose?’.  So I chased him down, bolting passed tons of people.  The Leopard even lead me passed the 2:10:00 Pace Beavers.  I sprinted  through the finish line without Kristen.  If it were not for the Leopard, I would not have had that resurgence at the end of the race.

I snagged my 24 ‘carrot’ gold finisher medal and picked up a Whistler Water before I walked back to the race course and waited for Kristen.  We were supposed to finish together.  I finally spot her and she gets a burst of energy as we finish the race strong side by side.

Kristen and I both had goals going into the race.  Hers was to complete the run without walking, and mine was to break 2:00:00.  We both accomplished that, and I was so proud of Kristen.  It was the most proud I have ever been of her, aside from the birth of our son.

We did it! It was an amazing experience overall and the entertainment was particularly great even for how brief it was while racing by it. The SeaWheeze course was beautiful, especially as we dashed through Stanley Park, running next to the water for most of the race.  Kristen is hooked, and we have already signed up for the Rock and Roll Marathon in October.