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Chelsea’s SeaWheeze Preparation

If you hail from the Pacific Northwest and don’t hold a particular allegiance to one single athletic activity, you’re surely aware of how easy it is to be pulled from one active pursuit to the next. Such is the case with Chelsea, our warm-hearted and enthusiastic marketing coordinator here at Whistler Water.

“Being a Vancouverite, there has never been a shortage of options for ways to keep active and spend time outdoors. Most of my active life has been spent exploring different forms of exercise; from Stand-Up Paddle boarding, conquering the Grouse Grind, biking the seawall, taking yoga classes, dance classes and everything in between.”

While staying active and healthy through an array of physical mediums, Chelsea had never developed a particular affinity for running, but had always appreciated the unadorned simplicity and directness of a jog. Never being one to back down from a challenge, Chelsea chose the SeaWheeze Half-Marathon as an end-goal to help her stay motivated.

“…I’ve always admired those that can slap on a pair of running shoes and hit the pavement for a long, leisurely run on a beautiful summer day — anywhere, anytime. I’ve also always loved a good challenge and so this year I’ve decided to learn how to run and cross off a major item on my bucket list, a half-marathon!”

Beginning just two months ago, Chelsea decided to take a pragmatic and patient approach to her training regimen, beginning with the essentials of running and working her way up to a 21.1 KM run. While the end goal is certainly lofty, she has taken a vigilant and planned approach to her training by developing milestones, and in the early-goings, not pushing herself too hard.

“To start, I focused on getting properly set up for a summer of running. This included getting fitted for the right pair of running shoes, the right clothing, creating a training schedule that has been right for me, and paying close attention to what I eat and drink.”

Continue to check back for updates on Chelsea’s progress leading up to Lululemon’s SeaWheeze 2014!