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5 reasons to join us for Whistler Water One Climb

Whistler Water One Climb hits the Grouse Grind on Sunday, June 7th for the third year in a row and as we approach the big day, we’re poised to make this time ‘round the best one yet!

With that in mind, we decided to count down our top five reasons why you should One Climb with us:

5) You’ll get to go BLUE. And by blue, we mean face paint, temporary hair ‘paint’…anything goes! Part of why we look forward to Whistler Water One Climb every year is because we can’t wait to see the zany, fun getups that various groups, teams and schools sport to hike the Grind! When hundreds of people hit the Grind to flood it in blue, it’s an amazing sight to behold. Not to mention, it’s tons of fun. And speaking of fun…

4) We’ll have plenty of entertainment along the Grind. No one said that it would be an easy hike, but all of the cool stuff we’ll have along the way will make you forget about those tired muscles. Music, high-fives, a few surprise guests…we guarantee it’ll be the most fun you’ll ever had while hiking. Think of it as a workout with your closest friends while supporting a community that really needs our help.

3) You’ll raise funds for an amazing cause (and it’s easy to do!). In the Kenyan community of Kipsongol, women and children have to make a long daily trek just to source water for cooking, drinking and sanitation (and often this water isn’t even clean!). In North America, we are fortunate to have access to clean water each and every day, which is why we’ve teamed up with Whistler Water to help support Free The Children’s clean water project in Kipsongol. You can learn more about Free The Children’s work in Kipsongol here.

2) Inspiring words from Taylor Conroy will greet you at the top of the mountain along with our fun-filled After Party. If you didn’t already know, Taylor is the founder of Change Heroes, a ground-breaking friend funding platform that has raised well over $1,000,000 to fund 100+ projects, including schools, libraries, scholarships, and anti sex trafficking work in 12 developing countries. Taylor was inspired to begin this work after a life-altering trip to Kenya and holds Free The Children’s work in Kipsongol especially close to his heart – you can learn more about him here. After listening to Taylor speak, we know you’ll feel equally as passionate about making a difference each and every day. Which leads us to point #1…

1) You’ll inspire others. Yup, every single time you reach out to a friend, family member or coworker, you’ll inspire others to create change in their world. When you help us flood the Grind in blue, you’ll inspire everyone around you to be part of this incredible annual event that we hope continues to raise thousands of dollars for Kipsongol and communities like it for years to come. One day, we hope access to clean water is no longer a concern, but until then we’re rallying to support the cause. Won’t you join us?