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100% Pure Glacial Spring Water

Recent studies of tap water across Canada have produced surprising results. One third of Canadian tap water exceeds the national safety guideline for safe amounts of lead!

Canada’s pristine protected water sources are not the issue. It’s the aging pipe infrastructure that delivers drinking water to taps across the country, and it’s this infrastructure that’s contaminating the water.

The bad news is that the tap water in your home and office isn’t tested for things your body doesn’t need or want like lead, chlorine and fluoride. The good news is that Whistler Water is.

We test our glacial spring water every single day to ensure that we’re providing the best quality water in Canada. We’re also tested by third-party auditors to confirm our high quality standards. We’re one of only five Canadian water companies to have the internationally recognized NSF certification.

You can read the label on any of our products to get accurate trustworthy mineral measurements. You can also check our annual analysis and water report on our website.

We’re passionate about hydrating Canada and the world with the most pristine glacial spring water in the world, and our in-house production and quality experts are committed to our purity guarantee. You can count on Whistler Water to safely hydrate your whole family.