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$1.9 Million in Food Donations; 147 Works of Art

Can you picture what $1,913,010 worth of donated canned food looks like? Let Canstruction Vancouver show you. For just under a decade, their anti-hunger initiative has been building donations by building artwork. The formula is simple: Create sculptures from canned food, generate public interest in the artwork, in turn, promoting awareness for what it’s all really for: Those in need. The formula works.

Last night, through our partnership with the Greater Food Bank Society, we were able to see the latest contributions for 2011 by volunteering as a “DeCanstruction” crew at Canstruction Vancouver:

Event Facts

  • Average food value per sculpture – $13,013
  • Estimated cans of protein (tuna, ham, etc.) – 669,535
  • Number of cans raised in 9 years – 1,056,423
  • Number of sculptures built – 147
  • Total value of food raised in 9 years – $1,913,010
  • Number companies involved – 75+
  • Number teams – 24
  • Number of school / youth teams – 6
  • Visitors rating exhibition as good or very good – 90%+
  • Visitors saying they would come again to Canstruction – 95%

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The Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society

“The Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society (GVFBS) does not accept any government funding, so donations raised from these events are important in our efforts to provide food and related assistance to those in need in our communities. Each week, up to twenty-five thousand recipients are aided through our programs in the Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and North Shore communities; as many as ten thousand of those assisted are children. The GVFBS purchases such large quantities of fresh fruit, vegetables and eggs that we are able to translate every one dollar donation into three dollars worth of food with our strong buying power and wonderful partnerships with local farmers.”

Food Bank Website