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Pledge to Recycle

At Whistler Water, we’re outdoor adventurers and nature lovers. We’re skiers, hikers, bikers, yoga enthusiasts. That’s why we’re so passionate about recycling. We want wild and beautiful places to remain. And we of course want our pristine glacial source to remain pure and clean. We know that when packaging makes its way into the recycling stream, that we give bottles and plastics a second life. Plus, when recyclables are placed into the recycling stream, they don’t contribute to litter or landfills.

It’s so easy to do your part. Recycling programs are robust in most major cities around the world. Our home province of British Columbia has a high rate of recycling, but it’s still not 100%. That’s where we’ve set our standard – 100% of recycled goods go into the recycling stream. For our part we do our utmost to steer clear of items and products that are not recyclable, we embrace energy saving solutions in our operation, and of course we recycle.

We’d love to have you join us in our quest for 100% recycling.