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Giving Back

Water. It is precious. It is vital. In fact it is a necessity.

It is the right of every human to have access to a source of clean drinking water. Unfortunately there are people for whom a sanitary water source is not part of their everyday reality. We continue to do our part to help change that. At Whistler Water we: start at home, educate, act, and dig deep. Our impact? It’s a work in progress, but we’re seeing some amazing results and we’re inspired to continue. But we don’t stop there.

The Pledge

Step one of our effort relates to water protection. For our pristine glacial source to remain pure, the surrounding environment must as well. If we allow our sacred wilderness to be turned our into a landfill, we forgo the purity of that environment. By acting mindfully, consuming considerately, and ensuring that the packaging of the products we purchase can be collected to be used again we help to greatly reduce landfill. Less landfill, more pristine earth, cleaner aquifers. It is up to individuals to exert our own responsibility but we can all assist.

With our Pledge to Recycle, we hope to educate and engage. Join us!